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Apartment 03:00
You left, the coffee’s burning. You thought that I was sleeping when you told me you loved me. You’ll slip a note in my jeans, and let me know what you mean in pen. Farewell, I’m leaving soon. All I wanna do is nothing with you in your apartment, on vacation forever. I’ll take the subway downtown. We’ll slip away, fool around. Let me swim in your thoughts again. We’ll write a song no one hears. Bite our lips, fight the tears. So long, farewell, we’re leaving soon. We need this but… Flip your hair. I feel you everywhere. Unaware of just what you do. I’m so scared and loaded with blues, but balanced by you.
Neurotic 03:22
I’m the troubled one. I’m mom’s neurotic son. Scared of everyone but they’re talking and they’re watching me. I’ve been on the run. I don’t miss where I come from. They all think I’m the greatest. I’ll let them down when I don’t make it. Wake me up when I’m famous. I’m on the wrong side of the bed. I’m trying to be patient, but I’ll stay asleep instead. I’ve been everywhere, man, Winnipeg to Amsterdam. I’ll take what I can get but I’m missing the little things, yeah. Good friends are moving uptown. My sister’s grown up now. Birthdays and graduations, I’ll let them down when I don’t make it. I’ve seen all the lights burn out while wondering what life is all about. Tell the world that I’m waiting. I let the air out of my head.
London 03:01
She wants to move to London. She’s got her big plan. She’s got a year’s rent and she’s got friends there. She needs a change of scenery. But I could never move to London. She wants to move to Camden Town, but I’ve got my own plans. I’ll get a cheap flight and visit when I can. She says she wants what I have. But I could never move to London. No, I can’t go anywhere. I'm too broke and no fun. No, I can’t go anywhere. Tell me when she’s coming home. So tell me when she moves away, will she find another man? Another accent, a hiccup in my plan to bring her home, to stay with me again. She wants to move to London. She’s got her big plan. She’s got her raincoat, umbrella in her hand. She says she wants what I have. I’m overthinking. What do I have? I’m complicating the situation.
Green and blue, eyes on you, and now the temperature is rising. Hit the loud, settle down, head out the window, not surprising. I’m with Lula on the beach. Go for a rip, take a dip, check out the polka dot bikinis. Fill my cup, say what’s up, the margaritas make it easy. Living easy. I’ll be honest, I’m not used to going out before the sun goes down. But now the haze is gone, I’m in a better place. I’m with Lula on the beach. You’ve been away too long, trapped in the glow of your old playstation. Go grab your board right now and let's hit the coast on a mini vacation. I’m with Lula on the beach. Feeling pretty, soaking heat. You can find us on our mini vacation. This is where I want to be. Here with Lula on the beach.  
I like the way that you dress up, but wear your Martens for me. I like that when I grab your hand you tend to smile in your sleep. I like the way you sprinkle bourbon in your morning coffee. It kind of tastes bad, I'm not mad. I like how you put up with me and all my friends ‘cause we’re jerks. And bring me places like your beach house or a Jimmy concert. I like how it's been days now since you washed that yellow t-shirt. It kind of smells now, but I’m down. We look good together. Always down whenever. We are weird and painful, just like Ross and Rachel. Let's take a shot at something wonderful. So baby, let's go to the lake and have a party for two. Come on let's get drunk, go adventure, flip my uncle’s canoe. And we’ll sing pop songs by the fire from 2002. We’re on our own now. We kind of smell now, but I’m down. We are weird and messy, just like Zack and Kelly. Let's take a shot at something wonderful.  
Curse Me Out 03:04
Curse me out. You’re so pretty when you put me down. Darling, every time we scream and shout, I deserve it when you curse me out. One week, I'm gone, we’re in the thick of it. On the phone, in the wrong, I’ve gotta live with it. But why the hell am I in Indiana when it comes out? I could catch a train home, but you don’t really like me much right now. It’s all been done, the air is getting thin. White lies, I'm dumb and feeling sick again. Just think about the time we drove to Portland and we lost ourselves. I could buy you roses, ‘cause you don’t really like me much right now. I could buy you roses, but petals always fall when I’m around. Put my clothes back on your shelf. Let's forget and think of something else to talk about. Are you crying? Hang our picture on the wall and forget you tore it down at all. Don’t let us fall. I’m trying. You’re so pretty with your hair short now.
Day Player 03:38
Better late than never. I hang on everything she says, but all the words, they start to crumble, breaking down all her promises. She’s moving to LA, she needs a change of scenery. Trading the snowfall and the silence for the sun and the silver screen. And I’ll never forget… It was the look in her eyes that told me everything. I needed to believe that she was leaving for some other reason. One call, two hours ago. Thought she was crazy, there’s no way she’s on the phone with Scorsese. When she said, “This is goodbye, just for now.” She told me, “Hollywood is calling, see you around.” Driving past a billboard, I see the face that I once knew. I had a feeling she’s too famous to do the things we used to do. Now she spends her weekends getting high with Tarantino, has her on top of her Sundays feeling sweet like maraschino. And I’ll never forget the day that she left.  
I came home to the flashing lights, to find the whispers won you over again. You’ve spent weeks as a tourist inside of your head. It's so hard to be happy, so hard to pretend. If I called right now, could we talk about the misery in you? I should call right now, ‘cause I promise I’ll dedicate the time now to putting out the fire in your eyes. Commiserate and wind down, I can’t erase all I’ve left behind. I’ll dedicate. It’s been days since I’ve seen your smile, you said the chemicals just fuck with your mind. I wish I could be the one to set you free. It’s so hard to find balance, so hard to find peace.  
Caught up in the rhythm, push pause and restart. Turn off the news and the mood is dire. Head spinning, I give up the fight. I’m so tired. Wake up, push pause and restart. Hit snooze while my room’s on fire. Still dreaming while my sheets ignite, I’m so tired. Maybe I’ll put it out in another life, but now the smoke is filling up my lungs. And since the flames are getting higher, I’ll embrace it ‘til it's done. My world is anything but sane. Just me and all my problems. Just me and all my shame. Wish everything would blossom. Wish everything would change. Back to the beginning, push pause and restart. Behind the wheel and the gauge is rising. No tread and the brakes are shot, that's it. I’ll get it fixed in another life, but now the ground’s above me and my vision starts to cloud. At least the radio’s still playing, but my song is fading out. Scatter my ashes along the coast, or don’t. I don’t even care. I have no wishes left in my head or heart. I’ll meet you in hell. Yeah, this is where we belong.
Cover it up. I’m keeping you close out of habit. I’m a coward and oh so dramatic. All this time is unfortunately hazy. After all this time there’s no sense in pretending. Hey, quit coming around in your old red corolla. You’ll forget me like the magazine behind the front seat. You’ll forget me like the words on every page. Cover it up. The pain in our eyes is tragic. I’m the nice guy with bad habits. Living this lie was unfortunately amazing. After all this time there’s no sense in pretending. I’m not trying to be a coward. I’m just trying to face the choice that lingers here. I’m not trying to be a coward. But we’ve disconnected.    
40 Over 03:36
40 over down The Queensway. It’s been a long day, still I’m holding up. Somehow that’s easy to say. Been a lot of negativity that I don’t really need, still I soak it up. Somehow it’s easy that way. Skin on skin, tell me I’m going to get it right this time. Skin on skin, numb to everyone, your hand in mine. She’s a midwest beauty waiting all alone for me. Searching for words to relay. Kind of hoping when I get there she’ll spend the night alone with me. I’m getting carried away. 40 miles I’m at her front door. Been a long, long drive, but somehow it’s easy. When I remember how I feel when you’re standing in the moonlight, I stay up all night. And what now I feel like is what the world would be like, if we all breathed in the stars like you do. Smile at me from across the room. Reprehending me the way you do with your hazel eyes, so peculiar to you.
Can you tell that something’s wrong? I’ve kind of felt it all along. I try to pick my brain, pretend that I'm sane, but can you tell that something’s wrong? I'm waking up to bad news and growing numb to all the views. ‘Cause when I go away, I lose my head every day, waking up to bad news. My home is the telephone under the streetlight, most nights. And I’ve grown with these moments alone that last a lifetime when I hang up. I seem to choke on every word and bite my tongue on every verse. I try to skip the page, move on to better days, but still I choke on every word. If I let go of these burdens I hone, I’ll lose a lifetime when I hang up.


released September 15, 2017


all rights reserved



Seaway Oakville, Ontario


We are a pop-punk band of 5 friends from Oakville, ON Canada who play the music we grew up on and continue to love. Influenced by Blink-182, Sum-41 and New Found Glory, we aren't trying to re-invent the style but instead push it forward. Download the debut EP for free. ... more

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